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Building Materials

If we had to name one industry where dust, dust particles, or gasses play a role in the production process, it would be the building materials industry. In this industry, source extraction is often inadequate. Minute dust particles settle on machinery, people, products, and the ground. The result: pollution, machinery breakdowns, an unhealthy working environment, loss of quality, and high cleaning costs. Source extraction is often combined with powerful air filtration.
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Dust Extraction in the Building Materials Industry

The challenges in the building materials industry are diverse. To address these, we apply both proven and innovative solutions, including ...(1)... and ...(2)..., and regularly carry out preventive maintenance on the dust extraction system. These measures reduce dust emissions, ensure a healthy working environment, and contribute to compliance with environmental regulations.

They already have a safe and clean working environment

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Custom Solutions

Feel free to call us enthusiasts in our field, because driven as we are, our standard solutions always end up being tailor-made. From filtration and ventilation to meticulous dus extraction, we go to the extent of removing even the finest dust particles down to the last micrometer from the air.

And all in our own unique way

We combine profound technical expertise with a strong problem-solving ability and personal commitment.
Standard and custom made
Trust in proven solutions that we tailor specifically for you, ensuring maximum extraction efficiency in the workplace.
All expertise under one roof
At Kiekens, we handle design, delivery, installation, service, and accessories all in-house. This ensures you benefit from a sustainable and user-friendly solution, allowing for quick adjustments and ensuring quality control.
100% Dutch production
We prioritize quality highly. That's why all components are manufactured in the Netherlands. This ensures the continuity and reliability of every solution we provide.