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For over 115 years, we've been designing, assembling, and maintaining dust extraction solutions for various groups of clients both domestically and internationally. With Kiekens, you not only benefit from up-to-date product knowledge and craftmanship, but also from market expertise and experience with related compliance issues.
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Food Industry
Food safety, compliance, and risk management are paramount in the food industry. It's logical that as a quality manager, you want to have control over aspects such as ventilation, filtration, and dust extraction. Treat yourself to the expertise of Kiekens, where customization is the standard.
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Extraction systems in the metal industry are always tailored solutions. This is reflected in our offering. Expect modular filter systems that can be combined with various suction units and dust disposal options – optionally in ATEX-certified versions or for high-vacuum applications.
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Plastics and Chemicals
In the production of plastics and in the chemical industry, a large number of dust particles and/or odors, vapors, and gasses are released. For the well-being of your employees and residents and for the environment, it is essential that these released substances are meticulously extracted. This also saves costs for emission rights.
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Animal Feed Industry
As a quality manager in the animal feed industry, you find yourself in a broad field of forces. Society expects to see a certain commitment to sustainability, good employment practices, and environmental requirements. And then there are numerous internal interests to consider.
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Storage and Handling
From environmental standards and efficiency to safety requirements and from capacity and ease of use to monitoring. At storage and handling locations, where the diversity of materials is extensive, the wish list is often extensive. No worries. No issue is too complex for our technicians to address.
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The recycling industry is legally obliged to professionally extract released substances. Dust extraction contributes to the health and safety of your employees and reduces the burden on the environment. This increases the recycling industry's sustainable value for society.
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OEM Solutions
Original Equipment Manufacturers derive their existence from supplying high-quality components that always maintain the same quality. Sufficient reason not to leave anything to chance in the production process.
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Are you dealing with flammable substances, such as gasses, vapors, mists, and dust, which can mix with oxygen? Then it's important to take measures to prevent the dust from accumulating, smoldering, and subsequently igniting.
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Defense and Aviation
You're looking for a way to create a healthy, dust-free, and chromium-6-free working environment and reduce emission levels. Have you ever considered a dust extraction system from Kiekens? With over 100 years of experience, we are a knowledge leader in industrial (fine) dust extraction technology.
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Building Materials
In the construction industry, source extraction is often inadequate. Minute dust particles settle on machinery, people, products, and the ground. The result: pollution, machinery breakdowns, an unhealthy working environment, loss of quality, and high cleaning costs.
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Custom Solutions

Feel free to call us enthusiasts in our field, because driven as we are, our standard solutions always end up being tailor-made. From filtration and ventilation to meticulous dus extraction, we go to the extent of removing even the finest dust particles down to the last micrometer from the air.

And all in our own unique way

We combine profound technical expertise with a strong problem-solving ability and personal commitment.
Standard and custom made
Trust in proven solutions that we tailor specifically for you, ensuring maximum extraction efficiency in the workplace.
All expertise under one roof
At Kiekens, we handle design, delivery, installation, service, and accessories all in-house. This ensures you benefit from a sustainable and user-friendly solution, allowing for quick adjustments and ensuring quality control.
100% Dutch production
We prioritize quality highly. That's why all components are manufactured in the Netherlands. This ensures the continuity and reliability of every solution we provide.

They already have a safe and clean working environment.