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Defense and Aviation

Defense and aviation have been striving for a dust-free and chromium-6-free work environment for years to protect employee health. Partly driven by societal debate, there is also a need to further reduce emission levels. Ever thought about a dust extraction system from Kiekens? With over 100 years of knowledge, expertise, and experience, we are a knowledge leader in industrial dust extraction technology.
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Dust extraction in Defense and the aviation industry

With the processing of wood, metal, and other materials, airborne dust particles are a given in defense and the aviation industry. Then it's good to know that with innovative source extraction and a powerful ventilation system with high-quality filters, dust has no chance. This makes compliance with environmental standards easier and reduces costs for emission rights and CO2 fines.

They already have a safe and clean working environment

Afzuiging chroom-6

Het gebruik van chroom-6 in verfproducten is al jaren een heet hangijzer. Chroom-6 brengt namelijk de nodige bewezen gezondheidsrisico’s met zich mee. Toch gebruikt Defensie deze chroom-6-houdende verf. De chroom-6 voorkomt namelijk dat materiaal gaat roesten en draagt dus bij aan veilig materieel en materiaal in een branche die zich geen mankementen kan veroorloven.

Om de gezondheid van werknemers die met deze verf in aanraking komen te beschermen moeten de nodige maatregelen worden getroffen. Eén daarvan is de toepassing van een afzuigingssysteem, zoals de XXX van Kiekens. Naast het afzuigen van (fijn)stof, zijn wij namelijk ook gespecialiseerd in technische maatwerkoplossingen voor het uit de lucht filteren van chroom-6 en chemicaliën. Zit jij met een vraagstuk op dit gebied? Onze technische experts denken graag met je mee.


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Custom Solutions

Feel free to call us enthusiasts in our field, because driven as we are, our standard solutions always end up being tailor-made. From filtration and ventilation to meticulous dus extraction, we go to the extent of removing even the finest dust particles down to the last micrometer from the air.

And all in our own unique way

We combine profound technical expertise with a strong problem-solving ability and personal commitment.
Standard and custom made
Trust in proven solutions that we tailor specifically for you, ensuring maximum extraction efficiency in the workplace.
All expertise under one roof
At Kiekens, we handle design, delivery, installation, service, and accessories all in-house. This ensures you benefit from a sustainable and user-friendly solution, allowing for quick adjustments and ensuring quality control.
100% Dutch production
We prioritize quality highly. That's why all components are manufactured in the Netherlands. This ensures the continuity and reliability of every solution we provide.
Noord Nederlandse Draad Industrie
The Noord Nederlandse Draadindustrie (NNDI): "Dust Extraction is about taking care of your personnel"
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