Kiekens Dynamic / Kiekens Giant
(KD-serie) / (KG-serie)

Kiekens DYNAMIC / Kiekens GIANT

The KD and KG industrial vacuum cleaners are composed of a modular programme consisting of various suction units, filters, dustcontainers and frames.
The semi-mobile industrial vacuum cleaners are very suitable for the extraction of large quantities of coarse dusts and bulk materials. Also designed as dedusting installation for simultaneous suction at several points and/or ducting conveyance over large distances by means of high efficient powerful turbo compressors.

Strong suction power with long hoses

The KD and KG vacuum cleaners are characterized by an exceptionally strong suction power in combination with a large airflow. Because of this, resistances of long suction hoses and special suction nozzles can easily be overcome while preserving the suction power. Minimal necessary air velocities for the purpose of
an effective air transport are guaranteed.


The KD and KG industrial vacuum cleaners are excellently usable for the extraction of fine and even health hazardous dusts in the metal, plastic, glass, electro, ceramic, food, paint, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, thanks to standard application of certified filter material. The industrial vacuum cleaners are constructed in accordance with the European standard in force EN 60335-2-69 for the suction of dusts which are hazardous to health.

Lare airflow

The KD and KG vacuum cleaners guarantee a large and stable air capacity for the suction of large quantities of dry dusts and swarfs. In combination with a tiltable pre-separator the vacuum cleaners can be applied for removing bulk materials without any problems.


If required the industrial vacuum cleaners can be built according to the ATEX directive 94/9/EC for the explosion zones 2 (gas) and 22 (dust). Other zones on request.

  • Extremely suitable for simultaneous multi-point suction
  • Modular construction of frames, dust containers, filters and suction units
  • Powerful mechanical filter cleaning provision or filter cleaning by means of compressed air
  • Particularly suitable for the suction of dry and fine dusts
  • Three phase motors for continuous operation
  • 5- and 7-stage high efficient turbo compressors
  • Capacities up to 15,000 l/min
  • Effective pre-separation
  • Robust steel construction
  • Very low noise level