High Vacuum Filter Systems

Kiekens – High vacuum filter systems

The modular KS/KV high vacuum systems are stationary filter systems and are, depending on the application, fitted with a folded cloth filter or cartridge filters. The KS/KV consists of the followin modules: a suction unit (2.2 – 15 kW), a filter unit, a dust container and a stationary frame. The possibility is also offered to convey the dust continuously whereby the KS is fitted with a funnel in combination with a valve or rotary pump (KV). The filter units with 2.8 and 3.8 m2 cloth filter are being mechanically cleaned by means of a shaking mechanism. The 8.8 m2 filter cartridges are cleaned sequentially by means of a compressed air (Jet-Pulse).


The KS/KV systems are especially suitable for the extraction of large quantities of coarse and fine dusts. They can be applied as a dedusting installation at several points at the same time and/or ducting conveyance over large distances. The KV version with funnel is the solution for relatively large quantities of dust or valuable recyclable particles. A suitable system can be composed for application in any industry.

Dust container

A 60, 80 or 120 litres large dust container is being lifted with a foot operated lifting device. The dust containers can be fitted with a dust bag with cord.

Cloth filter

2.8 or 3.8 m2 folded cloth filter with a standard filter quality of polyester needle felt with Teflon coating being mechanically cleaned by means of a shaking mechanism.

Cartridge filter

The 8.8 m2 filtercartridges are being cleaned in pairs by means of a compressed air shock (Jet-Pulse). Without any interruption of the suction process the filter area is kept clean.


Optional a secondary filter can be applied, which retains 99.997 % of the dust being vacuumed.

The continuous dust conveying possibilities of the KV offer the eventuality to discharge the dust without interruption of the process.


Rotary valve