Industrial dust extraction

Kiekens is your specialist in industrial dust collection.

Industrial dust extraction

Kiekens is your specialist in industrial dust collection. We offer standard and custom solutions for high-end dust collection. We are specialised in filtration, ventilation, and dedusting systems. We combine multiple products into a custom solution, and can advise you on the best products for the necessary industrial dust collection in your situation.

With years of experience, knowledge, and innovation, Kiekens is your reliable and dedicated partner for dust collection. We would love to be of service to you with our pre-developed systems and specialist knowledge, always based on important performance indicators.


Industrial vacuum cleaning with our ATEX vacuum cleaners is suitable for a wide range of industries, sectors, and markets:


Kiekens is your specialist in industrial dust collection with professional products. We are also specialised in turnkey delivery of industrial projects and orders. We modify the system according to your exact preferences, after which we complete its development and install it for you. Our systems are delivered as a fully set up, turnkey solution, allowing you to put it straight into operation. The delivery also includes clear work instructions to ensure that everything works as agreed when you switch it on.

With our wide range of product groups in industrial dust collection, we can provide excellent service in various ways. This includes our industrial vacuum cleaners, central dust collection systems, and industrial fans. We also use the Kiekens Dustmaster, the Kiekens Oilmaster, and the Kiekens Airmaster.

With our extensive range of accessories and attachments, we can tackle any challenge, working professionally to deliver a turnkey solution. We can take your industrial dust collection to the next level.


We are more than just an industrial vacuum cleaner supplier for our customers. We take on the role of strategic partner in industrial dust collection. We provide inventive solutions and work to develop long-term relationships. We provide complete solutions and safeguard our customers’ crucial production process. We use a wide and full product range of dust collection systems and fans.

To learn more about your options in industrial dust collection, please contact us for more information. Our specialists look forward to working with you.