Kiekens Axiaal fans

Kiekens Axiaal fans

These fans can be supplied as wall and as built-in ventilator. They are meant for clean air and have a large capacity with regard to a relatively low pressure. Axial fans are available in two versions namely direct driven or driven through V-belt transmission. These fans can also be supplied as roof ventilator and made suitable for higher temperatures.

  • Motor capacity up to more than 300 kW
  • Low, medium and high pressure fans
  • Direct drive by impeller on motorshaft, indirect drive through flexible coupling or belt transmission
  • Suitable for clean air, dust-loaded air or material conveyance
  • For indoor or outdoor use


The industrial fans are available with the following components and options:

  • Silencer on in- and outlet
  • Covering of fan casing or housing for noise level reduction
  • Special drives
  • Special surface treatments
  • Various types of construction materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium, etc.
  • Explosion diminished models
  • Gastight versions
  • Further technical specifications are available on request.


In addition to the supply of industrial fans Kiekens Products is also offering a complete service package on behalf of the own fans as well as of those of other manufacturers, such as:

  • On-the-spot balancing
  • Analysing vibrations
  • Measuring of bearing conditions
  • Reconditioning of fans