Kiekens Clean- and dust-loaded air fans

Kiekens Clean- and dust-loaded air fans

  • Motor capacity up to more than 300 kW
  • Low, medium and high pressure fans
  • Direct drive by impeller on motorshaft, indirect drive through flexible coupling or belt transmission
  • Suitable for clean air, dust-loaded air or material conveyance
  • For indoor or outdoor use

Clean air fans

A range of centrifugal fans suitable for low and medium pressure applications and specially developed for maintaining negative and/or positive pressure. These fans are suitable for dust filtration systems, combustion air supply, ventilation, vapour exhaust, etc. They are highly efficient and have an overloading protection for the electric motor.

Dust-loaded air fans

These fans are comparable with the clean air fans, but are fitted with radial blade impellers to prevent fouling, making them suitable for transporting fine materials and powders.


The industrial fans are available with the following components and options:

  • Silencer on in- and outlet
  • Covering of fan casing or housing for noise level reduction
  • Special drives
  • Special surface treatments
  • Various types of construction materials, such as stainless steel, aluminium, etc.
  • Explosion diminished models
  • Gastight versions
  • Further technical specifications are available on request.


In addition to the supply of industrial fans Kiekens Products is also offering a complete service package on behalf of the own fans as well as of those of other manufacturers, such as:

  • On-the-spot balancing
  • Analysing vibrations
  • Measuring of bearing conditions
  • Reconditioning of fans