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Kiekens supplies many of its products with ATEX certification.

Your ATEX certification in relation to dedusting

Kiekens supplies many of its products with ATEX certification. ATEX is the abbreviation of ATmosphère EXplosible, which means: an explosive atmosphere. Allow us to explain how vacuum cleaners and dust extraction systems and central extraction systems are of help.

To whom does ATEX apply?

The area of application comprises locations where an explosive environment can occur because of local and company conditions. The cause of this can be: Mixtures of oxygen and flammable substances in the form of gases, fumes, mists and dust under atmospheric conditions in which the combustion expands after ignition to all of the non-combusted mixture.

Since 1 July 2006, employers must draw up and maintain an explosion safety document based on the ATEX 137 Worker Protection Directive (99/92/EC). This document is part of the hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA). It must, for example, include a hazardous area classification of a workplace with an explosive atmosphere. Reason enough for your organisation to have a clear overview of your obligations and the available tools to meet these requirements.

How does an explosion occur?

For an explosion to take place three factors are needed:

  • Fuel (combustible substance or gas)
  • Oxygen (air)
  • Source of ignition (electrical or mechanical)

Combustible materials represent an explosion risk when there is the correct mixture ratio with oxygen. Every combustible material has its own mixture ratio in which an explosive mixture is formed. A minimum and maximum mixture ratio is present herein; the “lower explosion level” (LEL) and the “upper explosion level” (UEL).

Kiekens can help you with sophisticated dust control. Our specialised Kiekens sales engineers can give you tailor-made advice regarding all your questions related to dedusting. We can also provide information about how good housekeeping can offer you several advantages by means of a vacuum cleaner or dust extraction. This can also, in some cases, result in a lower hazardous area classification or an area no longer being classified as hazardous.

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